Looking to 2013

DSC_0695A new year is here for those who survived the Mayan Apocalypse! A new year gives the sense of a fresh start, new goals, new taxes (we’ll skip that one) and the cold briskness of winter. I hope and trust you had a good start to 2013. Other than a fresh look, I wanted to briefly share what will be new at twoznek.com. This year there is a couple new blog categories that I’ll be adding.

Word to the Wise: This is an interview category. Starting this year it will be of mentors and people who had an influence on me. The idea is to gain from other’s perspectives. It is also a way to honor those who’ve had an impact.

Proverbial Thoughts: I’ve gather some pithy sayings that I repeat often. This category will be going over these ‘proverbs’ and the story behind it.

Prayer Mentoring: This category started in 2012, but will continue in ’13. The focus of this is to help us better understand prayer. I find more and more people are actually intimidated by prayer or have a huge gilt complex over prayer. This series is to help work on our communication with God.

I look forward to seeing what God will do in 2013.


3 thoughts on “Looking to 2013

  1. Love the new look. Looking forward to 2013.
    The ads at the end of the post can be funny…today is an ad with a picture of a brain titled, “Improve Your Brain,” for luminosity.

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