Prayer Mentoring: 12 Reasons to pray

There are many reasons to pray. As everyone is focusing in on 12/12/12, here are 12 reasons to pray.

12- Prayer is a course of first response not a last thought.
11- Prayer means we have direct access to God.
10- Prayer of a righteous person avails much.

9- Prayer asked in faith is answered.
8- Prayer asked according to God’s will is answered
7- Prayer about the suffering are heard.

6- Prayer hits the ceiling if we have conflict.
5- Prayer loses effectiveness if we don’t live in repentance.
4- Prayer not effective if we ignore the Spirit.

3- Prayer has an auto pilot when we don’t know how to prayer- the Spirit.
2- Prayer continually with thanksgiving is God’s will.
1- Prayer touches the heart of God because he wants to hear from us.

Your turn…
List your top 12 reasons to pray!

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