Prayer Mentoring: God says yes

Too often we forget that God does say yes to prayers. He sometimes says wait, no, I have something better, etc. Sometimes he just says yes. People criticized the move “Facing the Giants” because in the ends all the prayers were answered with a yes. Sometimes life does happen that way.

Word of Life Island
I loved hearing the story of how Harry Bollback and Jack Wyrtzen took a rowboat to see an island and then said they’d take it. They had no clue how it was going to be paid for. God said yes, and the Gospel impacted thousands to this day. Sometimes God says yes.

Partly cloudy
At a camping event when I was a kid rain was in order. A leader simply went to his knees and asked God for dry weather so we could go through the day’s events. Immediately the clouds parted around the camp and returned after the day was done and we headed home. Sometimes God says yes.

I can talk
At a national missions conference a speaker couldn’t talk. His voice got worse and worse until he was unable to speak. So, people stopped him, they prayed and his voice came back with a vengeance. He was talking about suffering in ministry. It was one of the most impactful meetings of the night. Sometimes God says yes.

Lights on
One summer the easter seaboard lost power. The phone rang off the hook asking if there would be VBS that night. Of course there would! The lights were on. We prayed that God would do some neat things, and a couple of kids accepted Jesus as their savior that night. When we said amen to close out the evening, the lights went off. The church was the only place with power that night until VBS was done. Sometimes God says yes.

All heart
One Christmas when things were really tight it was time to find a present for my wife. I told God whatever he provides, that’ll be Kelly’s gift. If a quarter, then I’d wrap up a 25 cent ring. God told a friend to turn his car around and drop of a Christmas card early. When shopping a heart necklace caught my eye that perfectly summed up the year, but it was too much. The store keeper grabbed me as I walked away and mention that a sale had just started. Sometimes God says yes.

I’m yours
The most important yes God says is when we ask Jesus to save us. There God says yes. In all reality, it’s the one yes that matters most. Jesus said yes to God even when he didn’t want to. Jesus died and rose for us so God could say yes to every person who goes to him and says ‘I’m yours.’ When it comes to asking Jesus to be a part of your life, the answer is always yes.

The bottom line:
Sometimes God does say yes. We need to record and remember those moments. God planned to the detail our lives. Sometimes his plans are different and the way he answers prayer is different, no or wait. But, don’t forget there are those times that God says yes.

One thought on “Prayer Mentoring: God says yes

  1. Wonderful blog post I’m guessing God said yes to Gavin’s climbing up all by himself or did you photoshop a parent out of the photo!? Scares me it does (in my best Yoda voice). Love, Mom


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