Prayer Mentoring: Motive

The glory of God should motivate us to pray and how to pray. To glorify is to reveal one’s self for who they are. God wants to be made known and for people to understand who He is. Prayer is central to that.

Our work
Whatever we do should be for God’s glory while also giving thanks (Col. 3:17). Life is a stewardship of the resources God gave us. Our job, ministry, family, life are all areas of stewardship. The question is who are we working for? If we’re in Christ, then all we do is for Christ. How we work demonstrates our faith in Christ.

Our ministry
Paul prayed for the Philippian believers that their love would grow… to the glory of God (Phil 1:9-11). Again, our actions show our faith in God. Paul also reveals to us that this is a process. It’s not a check list, ok, got it done. Our ministry motive of the glory of God should propel us to grow in our love and service. Prayer helps keep this in mind.

Our aim
Paul prayers similarly for the Thessalonians (2 Thes. 1:11-12). When we look at our work or we look at our ministry, all of our lives should be centered on revealing who God is. Our conduct and actions show the goodness of God. If we don’t have this motive in mind, our life and ministry will be off, and so will our prayers.

The Bottom line:
God’s glory should be a motivating force behind our prayer life. Glorification revolves around revealing who God is. A life motivated for the glory of God and prayers for the same produce profound results in eternity. The question comes down to this: who are we living for?

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