Daddy, will you be with me?


Jadon loved seeing Venus through a neighbors telescope. The boyz acted mature beyond their years as they gazed through the telescope. The next time Venus crosses the sun is 105.5 years. Jadon would be 110. I’ll be in glory.

Tucking him in at night Jadon asked if I’d be with him the next time Venus crosses the sun. I said I’ll be in Heaven and I hope one day to seem him there too.

Curious, Jadon asked if everyone goes to heaven. Only those who know Jesus and accepted what Jesus did for us go to heaven. So, that’s why church is important, he replied.

We talked about sin and how all of us don’t deserve Heaven, but Jesus came anyway and gave us a way in. The only way. We talked about how amazing God is. Then we talked about how my foot shadow looked like a train…

There are God moments that you’ll hold dear with your children if you’re present and praying and persistent. I love bed time. Not because of the sleeping angels & silence soon coming, rather the time I get to speak to my boyz heart and soul. His foot shadow looked like a caboose…

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