Manic Monday: Enjoying life or idol?

The Bible days all things are lawful, but we’re also to be mastered by nothing. Idols are specifically false gods. Sometimes it isn’t idols but other things in life that distract us from what’s most important.

The Bible also teaches us to enjoy life as a gift from God. Life brings many joys and things that bring out nuances of it. We often fear enjoying something, that it may be an ‘idol.’ Fear isn’t acting in faith. If doing something violates your conscience then stop it.

But what if that thing in life is a platform to connect with others? We love to share with others what we love. Perhaps God wired in you to love something to give you opportunity to connect with someone else you normally wouldn’t. I’m not talking about rushing the Gospel, but building a genuine relationship around something you love. From that relationship, then God may give you boldness to share your hope in the Gospel, and still enjoy your passion.

(especially on Monday)

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