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Interesting links or things that stood out… Note a link do not mean I fully agree….

I’ve been asked a few times why I post graphic arts or design advice. There are two key reasons 1) I like it. 2) Design really is a language in our culture. Often ministries lack of design knowledge can lead to distraction. (We’ve all seen power point slides that make us cringe.) Ministry leaders generally do not have education is design, but having an awareness will help them listen to those whom God equipped in that area.

Design stuff related to education. Often have carryover to ministry settings:

Open Source for ministry? Church data management solution

Where to find some of the best leaders. Ron’s posts are short, sweet and potent. Good blog to follow. It also frames things in a way to discuss and think through.

How to choose a typeface

Clarification on what Pastor John Piper means by Christian Hedonism

PETA push for Bible translation change. HILARIOUS! (well, maybe)

‘Ask Elizabeth’ Good advice, bad, indifferent? Interesting thoughts

Facebook advice for your ‘brand’

Combining color advice

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