Manic Monday: Change Education

I greatly appreciate the thoughts on education by Sir Ken Robinson. Many of the ideas he shares I’ve been screaming all throughout school, and really started by a 9th grade teacher named Lenard Sharp. Mr. Sharp who taught Earth Science. Mr. Sharp also motivated me to excel and think in new ways. I always appreciated being ‘outside the box’ at times, but Mr. Sharp let me go ahead to do it.

For me, thinking outside the box wasn’t about being different. Being outside the box is about problem solving: taking ideas we know to be true or think may be true and applying them in new ways to new situations. This kind of thinking isn’t widely promoted. In fact, it often shows up as practical jokes, spitefulness or other forms of deviance in kids. The ones we label as trouble makers may be the ones who need what Sir Ken Robinson is talking about. I can’t help but also notice that a majority of these problem makers and boys.

If you’re interested in discipling younger generations, take seriously these thoughts seriously.

(especially on Monday)

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