Manic Monday: Snow.

You love it.
You hate it.
You cherish it.
You despise it.

Snow is a polarizing issue, just like North vs South. Whatever your pole preference, you either like or loath the stuff. I often wonder what about snow makes people go, well, batty. The ability to drive disappears. Kids become more hyper than eating 3.45 tons of sugar and red food dye. It makes Tinker Bell’s fairy dust look pre-school… Even more so when a day of from school is involved.

What is your snow attitude?

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas?” Classic holiday song.

“The one thing I now realize is that Christmas is an excuse to tolerate snow…snow… I don’t even like the sound of it…” Trans-Siberian Orchestra “What is Christmas?”

I can’t help but notice that snow was absent at the garden of Eden… Interesting how the Bible uses snow as a metaphor for covering sin and purity.

Snow…I’ll pass.

(especially on Monday)

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