Fountain Pen Friday: Goulet

In my discovery of fountain pens and the fountain pen world, I discovered a company via YouTube that is brilliant. In answering the: How do I get started with fountain Pens? Go to But there is more to fountain pens then the pen or a business selling pens. Informative Brian posted tons of video, […]

To my friends both right and left

  We read reports of those on the right causing dissention, dividing, being bigoted, etc.. In those spheres there is no disagreement, so it must be true.  We read reports of those on the left causing dissention, dividing, being bigoted, etc.. In those spheres  there is no disagreement, so it must be true. To disagree with […]

Fountain Pen Friday

 One of my core values is to enjoy the simple things of life. One such fairly recent thing is the world of fountain pens. Friday’s will be devoted to all things fountain pen related. Many ask me questions, and so I’ll dump such answers here. To start out, this my journey to the promise pen… […]

Fear or cowardice?

It is not wrong to fear. We all have fear. I wonder though if because of fear we act out of cowardice instead of courage? The presidential elections, the economy, that awful food we’re about to eat a dinner. Fear is ok, but I’m starting to wander if cowardice is. When we do not engage […]

Think. Judge. Redeem.

Let us change the discussion from navel gazing at ‘the why’ of our problems and look to solutions. One sentence on the why of the “church” problems: Unbiblical thinking combined with lack of thought and theology leads to poor discernment and a mess. Now that the problem is out of the way, we can stop […]

No turning back!

  Today marks 30 years of walking with Jesus. May marks 15 years pastoral ministry. It is hard to fathom. Half of my saved life is invested in leading Christ’s church. We hear tons of news of pastoral hurt (Some unwarranted according to Ed Stetzer.) We hear of only 1 in 10 pastors making it to […]

Why I believe in Santa and not to is dumb. 

   I debated writing this as it’s no doubt controversial, but seeing some weigh in on Santa and avoiding The Clause, I must quote Charile Brown: Good grief. So, for the Scrooges who want to Grinch my Good boy from the north (Pole, not UP for my Michigan friends), here are top reasons I believe […]