Think. Judge. Redeem.

Let us change the discussion from navel gazing at ‘the why’ of our problems and look to solutions. One sentence on the why of the “church” problems: Unbiblical thinking combined with lack of thought and theology leads to poor discernment and a mess. Now that the problem is out of the way, we can stop […]

No turning back!

  Today marks 30 years of walking with Jesus. May marks 15 years pastoral ministry. It is hard to fathom. Half of my saved life is invested in leading Christ’s church. We hear tons of news of pastoral hurt (Some unwarranted according to Ed Stetzer.) We hear of only 1 in 10 pastors making it to […]

Why I believe in Santa and not to is dumb. 

   I debated writing this as it’s no doubt controversial, but seeing some weigh in on Santa and avoiding The Clause, I must quote Charile Brown: Good grief. So, for the Scrooges who want to Grinch my Good boy from the north (Pole, not UP for my Michigan friends), here are top reasons I believe […]

Hero or villain of Kentucky?

Kim Davis enters quite a few conversations or questions lately. Is she a hero? Some say yes. Is she a villain? Some say yes. Of course the question then arises: which do I think? Perhaps I don’t know is he best answer. Here’s what I mean: We’re lawless She is not the first government official to […]

Do kids really matter?

It may seem odd to raise this question, but it’s one I think needs to be raised. We often say “Of course kids matter!” Though I wonder if our actions line up with that. For my boyz, today is the first day of school. With the coming of the first day of school I see many […]

The opposite of freedom is tyranny

I’ve had many conversations with believers who hold socialistic views from a seemingly biblical standpoint. While the marriage of church and state is disaster, it is essential for both to be in the public square. The marriage of church and state is disaster, yet too many vouch for that idea. Secularism/socialism is also disaster. What […]

Is “3% of Planned Parenthood” a big deal?

Based on reading comments defending Planned Parenthood I guess… Nazi Germany was compassionate because, in their view, they were doing a service to the world. Nazi Germany did great good by advancing medicine, because after all they undesirables were going to be killed off anyway. Nazi Germany was an ok regime. After all, we shouldn’t […]