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An important reminder…

It’s the Gospel plus nothing equals salvation & sanctification. There is nothing you can do to earn a relationship with God. There is nothing you can do to earn more love from God. God already proved He loves you unconditionally. In Christ, He sees… Continue Reading “An important reminder…”

Brush your teeth… A parable

Perplexed and scratching his head, the man could not figure out why his presence people dread. His posture, clothing and appearance were fine, it was his breath that was far from divine. To flashback a time or two is to visit a statement when… Continue Reading “Brush your teeth… A parable”

Unspiritual warfare…

The Bible teaches about spiritual warfare and depravity. Both are important to keep in mind, but we tend to ignore depravity. Often we view that good things are blessing from God and bad things are from Satan. This puts us in a seemingly innocent… Continue Reading “Unspiritual warfare…”

Book Review: The Land Between by Jeff Manion

The sub-title of the book says it all: Finding God in difficult transitions. Jeff Manion is not dealing with a hard day. The Land Between deals with gut wrenching periods of time. This book ranks as a must read. If you are in traveling… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Land Between by Jeff Manion”

Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: You and I

Person: You and I Epic Fail: Pick any sin God’s View: Holy If you think God cannot use you because you’re not perfect: STOP! God uses imperfect people. Heroes of the Bible are viewed as heroes because of God’s grace and a heart of… Continue Reading “Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: You and I”