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Greatness is forged in adversity and the only substance it cares about is character. Adversity purifies character. It makes it shine. This is the development of Christ likeness. We too often find ourselves in the “prosperity gospel.” It is a false notion that if things are going well, then God must be pleased. Life isn’t […]

Let’s face it, tradition for a long time got a bad rap. Often hailed as the opposition to change, tradition has an aspect of humanity we cannot run from. It grounds us. Allusions to the past, or retro, shows up everywhere and for quite a while. Going retro demonstrates some cool things. Rediscovery There is […]

… H. Hamilton Comings is a dear friend and mentor of mine. There is great wisdom in connecting with pastors seasoned by life & ministry. This post on dreams is excellent. You can see his blog here… Dreams can be like a marriage. When that happens we are in trouble. Friendships can exist on different […]

This past Sunday was the most amazing life group. A small group, like many things becomes routine. It is part of weekly life. But the benefit of consistent involvement is that one amazing moment you will remember for a long time. This past Sunday stood as a reason of why small groups are important. We […]

We are a nation of the frontier. In middle school I remember reading an essay defending that idea. Without a frontier our nation is lost. I wish I had the foresight to keep the essay. Discovery landed for the last time today. I remember many people blasting the idea of funding things like NASA. Thinking […]

A comment by Lance Armstrong, on politics, stood out to me. Reading the morning news, I stumbled upon a USAToday article about Retirement 2.0. They asked Lance about his political ambitions. Below is the quote: … A second career in politics someday does not seem out of the question. “I don’t think so. I get […]

Song of songs is an incredibly important and needed book. I believe the book describes a young woman’s process to grown and maturity as she navigates the complexity of love, culture and who she is. The book helps us navigate the unquenchable fire of love. Song of Songs is an incredibly hard book to interpret. […]