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Proverbial Thoughts: Pragmatism went down with the Titanic

As a first grader the Titanic captivated my attention. It was recently discovered by Dr. Robert Ballard and a classmate had a grandmother who was on the Carpathia during the rescue. At one point I had just about everything memorized about the ship that… Continue Reading “Proverbial Thoughts: Pragmatism went down with the Titanic”

Proverbial Thoughts: Eating Elephants

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time ~Dad I’m sitting in a seminary class with the normal heart palpitations you get when the evil syllabus is handed to you. Dr. Engle, barely looking over the lectern with his coke rim… Continue Reading “Proverbial Thoughts: Eating Elephants”

Provision through perseverance

Often people state one’s need to enter the desert before God uses them. Others put it as God needing to break someone before using them. After reading through Proverbs 1-5, I wonder if we have it backwards. What if the desert is God’s provision?… Continue Reading “Provision through perseverance”

Why not Wednesday? Collecting proverbs

I recently had the thought to write all the ‘proverbs’ I’ve gained or developed over the years. As I wrote each one down, I noticed there is a story behind each one. Some are original, others not, and more its hard to tell. The… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Collecting proverbs”