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Proverbial Thoughts: Eating Elephants

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time ~Dad I’m sitting in a seminary class with the normal heart palpitations you get when the evil syllabus is handed to you. Dr. Engle, barely looking over the lectern with his coke rim… Continue Reading “Proverbial Thoughts: Eating Elephants”

Why not Wednesday? Soak time

Sometimes we rush things. Plan soak time. Soak time allows us to not focus in an idea, and therefore focus on it. Confused? Watch House M.D. That’s soak time. Creativity is the art of non-focus. The best ideas are obvious, simple and as a… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Soak time”

Three lessons from Apple…

“Everyone in silicon valley was trying to be someone else…” ~Welcome to Macintosh It is no secret that I’m a Mac. I watched Welcome to Macintosh, written and directed by filmmakers Robert Baca and Josh Rizzo, while my wife baked incredible delights. Expecting to… Continue Reading “Three lessons from Apple…”