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President Bush

I read some interview articles about President Bush’s book “Decision Points.” The book sounds like a good read.

What impresses me about President Bush is how secure he is in who he is. As president he took responsibility for problems regardless of cause. While his ‘New Tone’ policy is debated, Bush demonstrates nobility by it. The carry over to his post-presidency is shown by not critiquing Obama. Further, President Bush seeks anonymity.

As is any presidency, people will debate the Bush years. But, I greatly admire the man. He is not full of himself. His ambition to stay out of the political fray brings a fresh nobility. To let history make its own judgements by not rebutting criticism takes humility.

I’m interested if these thoughts will continue or how they will be altered after reading his book. For sure, it would be nice to see more leaders with a depth like President Bush, regardless of political ideology.