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Why not Wednesday? The Big Thing

What is something so big in your life that you simply CANNOT quit!? I might be the odd ball, but I loath stories and comments about how such and such should retire, slow down or get out of the way. There is more to life and being human than performance. Honor, character and dignity count.

… think for a moment …

What if there is something that is bigger than you or me being good?
Last month it was Lance Armstrong shouldn’t have come out of retirement. Yesterday, Brett Favre continuing on, and the ‘he should retire’ comments ensue. I respect people who retire at the top of their game. I also deeply respect those who are so passionate about the game that its about the game and not them being good. That they simply can’t retire, or struggle in doing so.

What if its not about being the best? Is being the best the only requirement to stay in something? Maybe the game is something more than the champion being a champion. Can the thrill of the sport or job still be there even though one may not be as good as he once was?

Why not?
I’ve read many accounts of “bad coming out of retirement stories.” Each one frustrated me to no end. And so, I ask Wednesday’s question: WHY NOT?

A day is coming when I’ll be old, not as sharp, tired, and possibly unable to keep up with all the demands. Such a day is coming for you as well, and for some reading this it may be closer than you’d like. There is more to life than top performance. There is a time we will have to “hang up our game.” But, there is an honor and a dignity to play with those who were once top performers.

The bottom line:
Are you pursuing something so core to who you are that even when you are old and no longer sharp, as good, or on the top of your game, that you just can’t let it go? Are you pursuing something that is completely you?

Some things are bigger than just being good. Sometimes its about the “game.” Pursue such a game.

Why not Wednesday? Looking back to look forward

We all had dreams and passions throughout life. We sometimes were even criticized for them, and then slowly walked away from those core dreams or passions. They’re important, they are part of who we are. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Think through these questions:

1) What was I most passionate about as a child….as a teen…as a college student…?

2) Have I lost those passions or dreams? Why or why not?

3) Should I bring back that passion? (Maybe how it looks is vastly different then our first idea, but the essence and passion is still there to grab a hold of.)

First loves are an important thing. We can easy lose our grip on what is core to who we are. We never know what will trigger this though process. For me, it was reading a book. As I was reading it, I kept asking why it struck such a huge core. Well, the things discussed were core to my passion as a teenager. It’s refreshing to bring that back.

Bottom line:

Stop and smell the roses, reflect on past dreams and passions. They will fuel future and current challenges you are facing.