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Manic Monday: Wasted

One of the most wasted resources in the church is the Sunday Morning Sermon. (Did I just hear a class break?) While some of my friends might be gasping for breath, hear me out: A good pastor wrestles with what to preach He must… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: Wasted”

Manic Mondays: The little things

Sunday was a mess. Jadon was, well, having a bad morning. He blurted clearly he wanted to stay home and not go to church. That was hard to hear. We went anyway. So, listening to him cry (I’m glad it was a short car… Continue Reading “Manic Mondays: The little things”

Manic Monday: On Laughter!

Sometimes you just need to LAUGH! Letting your Attitude Unleash Great Hysterical Timely Events Regularly (especially on Mondays)