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Work on your short game

There is nothing better than stepping up to a tee box with your driver and crushing it. One time in a competition, my game was lousy. The last hole was a par 5 double dog leg. In sheer frustration, I just aimed for the… Continue Reading “Work on your short game”

Sabbatical: On the flip side

It is weird to be on the other side of the sabbatical. Loads of planning and coordination to pull the venture off, the actual sabbatical, and now back to grind and figuring out what a new normal will be. Here are some random thoughts,… Continue Reading “Sabbatical: On the flip side”

Forgotten Gifts of the Spirit

Church is team. It takes diversity for a unified church body to work, both within the local church as well as the universal church. Smoldering in the back of my head is the issue of Seminary, thanks in part to Pastor Tim Raymond. Back… Continue Reading “Forgotten Gifts of the Spirit”

Prayer Mentoring: Your role in church

Praying through your ministry at a church is an important aspect of prayer. I read this poem my senior year in college and it always stood out in how I pray over my service at a church. Use it in your own prayer life… Continue Reading “Prayer Mentoring: Your role in church”

Book Review: Dream House by Barry Bandara

“In many ways, our families are in a battle- a battle of priorities. If we don’t take the time to account for all the movement of our family now and then, we can easily become overwhelmed with all that we have to do.” p.… Continue Reading “Book Review: Dream House by Barry Bandara”

How long would you wait?

14 years is a long time. I can’t imagine being told I was to do something and then have to wait 14 years to make it happen. Paul waited 14 years or more before he engaged in aggressive evangelism. I define aggressive evangelism as church… Continue Reading “How long would you wait?”

The Devil is in the tech -or- why you need books & original Languages…

Today is one of those days! Both of my computer programs are not working and websites I use are not working as well. Even on other devices/confusers! Yep, weird. Sermon preparation is part of spiritual warfare just as preaching the Word is. Here’s the… Continue Reading “The Devil is in the tech -or- why you need books & original Languages…”

Why not Wednesday? Great John Piper Quote

@JohnPiper Let’s revise the popular phrase,“in the world but not of it” to “not of the world but SENT into it!” Sometimes we need to challenge and reword common statements.

Why not Wednesday? Going retro

Let’s face it, tradition for a long time got a bad rap. Often hailed as the opposition to change, tradition has an aspect of humanity we cannot run from. It grounds us. Allusions to the past, or retro, shows up everywhere and for quite… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Going retro”

Loved God, Loved People

C. James Pasma was my first Pastor. When attending seminary my parents let me tag along with them to a party in his honor. An impromptu conversation started about ministry and how he lead the church I grew up in. Thoughts from my last… Continue Reading “Loved God, Loved People”