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Why not Wednesday? The Big Thing

What is something so big in your life that you simply CANNOT quit!? I might be the odd ball, but I loath stories and comments about how such and such should retire, slow down or get out of the way. There is more to life and being human than performance. Honor, character and dignity count.

… think for a moment …

What if there is something that is bigger than you or me being good?
Last month it was Lance Armstrong shouldn’t have come out of retirement. Yesterday, Brett Favre continuing on, and the ‘he should retire’ comments ensue. I respect people who retire at the top of their game. I also deeply respect those who are so passionate about the game that its about the game and not them being good. That they simply can’t retire, or struggle in doing so.

What if its not about being the best? Is being the best the only requirement to stay in something? Maybe the game is something more than the champion being a champion. Can the thrill of the sport or job still be there even though one may not be as good as he once was?

Why not?
I’ve read many accounts of “bad coming out of retirement stories.” Each one frustrated me to no end. And so, I ask Wednesday’s question: WHY NOT?

A day is coming when I’ll be old, not as sharp, tired, and possibly unable to keep up with all the demands. Such a day is coming for you as well, and for some reading this it may be closer than you’d like. There is more to life than top performance. There is a time we will have to “hang up our game.” But, there is an honor and a dignity to play with those who were once top performers.

The bottom line:
Are you pursuing something so core to who you are that even when you are old and no longer sharp, as good, or on the top of your game, that you just can’t let it go? Are you pursuing something that is completely you?

Some things are bigger than just being good. Sometimes its about the “game.” Pursue such a game.

Book Review: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Crazy Love goes on my must read list! The book draws out things that we easily forget, like the transforming reality of God in our life. The interplay between church, theology, and living is hard to navigate. Crazy Love brings these elements together,

What if…
‘What if’ jumps out of this book. The question Francis Chan asked that has my mind spinning is this: What if churches were more known for giving and not taking? This question, and others like it, call for a radical approach to how we live for Christ. One chapter of the book just gives story after story of people living based on God’s crazy love for them. It really is not a fluff book.

Guilt by love
Crazy Love challenges you on the love front. Many people cringe at hell, fire and brimstone (HFB) sermons, saying they’re tired of feeling guilty all the time. Others criticize for ignoring the gruesome aspect of eternity. Crazy Love has the potential to produce more guilt or conviction then any HFB sermon I ever heard. It is the book equivalent of a loving mother looking you in the eye and saying: “I love you, but I’m disappointed.

Francis Chan writes with the art of a surgeon. He is very careful to say clearly what needs to say, while also attempting to hold back negative emotions that can get one sidetracked. Chan’s book refreshes you in how he specifically speaks against church bashing. He is right in asserting that what we truly love and are convicted about produces the most solid change. His tone focuses on process not perfection, pursuit, not purity. Perfection and purity will come because of what Christ did. The tone of this books would be one many writes should absorb.

Bottom line:
This review is brief for one reason: I don’t want to give anything away, you need to listen and engage yourself! The book will challenge your faith. Some may feel guilty at first from reading it, but it gives you a clear and balanced approach of how God’s love should impact us. For others, this book will reignite you passion to go all out for God.