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Manic Monday: The little things unplugged

I’ve been choosing one day a week to be unplugged. This is starting to turn into unplugged times throughout the day. This leads me to a few thoughts:

1) We’re human and not machines. Technology is helpful, but natural and organic life moments cannot be replicated.

2) starting to unplug will drive you nuts. What I found is the nuts part is often lots of ideas and creativity wanting to get out… It’s as if some ideas are scared of tech. Yes, that’s an anthropomorphism, but it’s true. (Especially for art.)

3) You’ll play more when unplugged, be more relaxed from lack of bleak news, and you’ll be a little stir crazy resulting in more housework done and a happier wife.

4) You’ll discover in rest moments that God really did give life as a gift to be enjoyed. The irony? That busyness can hide life. Rest moments should not be invested in busyness, and must be weekly.

If God, who is omni- you name it, took a day to rest; who are we, who are mortal and finite, to not do the same?

Take time an plan out your rest moments for the week!

(especially on Mondays)

Manic Mondays: The big things

One of the helpful questions that I like to ask on Monday is: What are the big things that need to get done this week? I then schedule the time needed for them. Often, focusing on what is most important helps get even the “least important” things accomplished. Why?

We need margins in our schedule. God gives us all 24 hours a day and 2 days a week to accomplish His will. Rick Warren aptly stated: If you constantly have more work then you can get done, you’re probably not doing God’s will.

God’s will includes times of rest, reflection and enjoying life: “Eat, drink and enjoy the fruit of your labor for this too is a gift from God.” ~The Preacher of Ecclesiastes

So….Focus on the BIG, and have margin in your schedule

(especially on Monday)

Book Review: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Crazy Love goes on my must read list! The book draws out things that we easily forget, like the transforming reality of God in our life. The interplay between church, theology, and living is hard to navigate. Crazy Love brings these elements together,

What if…
‘What if’ jumps out of this book. The question Francis Chan asked that has my mind spinning is this: What if churches were more known for giving and not taking? This question, and others like it, call for a radical approach to how we live for Christ. One chapter of the book just gives story after story of people living based on God’s crazy love for them. It really is not a fluff book.

Guilt by love
Crazy Love challenges you on the love front. Many people cringe at hell, fire and brimstone (HFB) sermons, saying they’re tired of feeling guilty all the time. Others criticize for ignoring the gruesome aspect of eternity. Crazy Love has the potential to produce more guilt or conviction then any HFB sermon I ever heard. It is the book equivalent of a loving mother looking you in the eye and saying: “I love you, but I’m disappointed.

Francis Chan writes with the art of a surgeon. He is very careful to say clearly what needs to say, while also attempting to hold back negative emotions that can get one sidetracked. Chan’s book refreshes you in how he specifically speaks against church bashing. He is right in asserting that what we truly love and are convicted about produces the most solid change. His tone focuses on process not perfection, pursuit, not purity. Perfection and purity will come because of what Christ did. The tone of this books would be one many writes should absorb.

Bottom line:
This review is brief for one reason: I don’t want to give anything away, you need to listen and engage yourself! The book will challenge your faith. Some may feel guilty at first from reading it, but it gives you a clear and balanced approach of how God’s love should impact us. For others, this book will reignite you passion to go all out for God.

Manic Monday: The little things…

As I work at my computer this morning, my youngest slept on my lap. A bad cold is bothering him. In these cases he just wants to be held or his back rubbed. These are little things. Little things make life worthwhile. They are seemingly insignificant, but leave the greatest impact.

So, as I rub my little guy’s back as he sleeps peacefully on my lap, I am reminded of the little things of life. Little things are the whispers of life. What specially little touch can you perform or enjoy today that makes Monday special? We need to enjoy the little things.

(especially on Mondays)

Manic Mondays: What to get dad?

There is nothing greater than watching my boys discover the world they’re in. Or trying to figure out what they are thinking. This weekend I finally was able to figure out what Gabbers was thinking. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

(especially on mondays)

What to get Dad?

Why Not Wednesday?

This is my redux into blogging. Writing helps sharpen and clarify ideas, generate discussion, and help expand one’s thinking. I find blogging to be a great forum because ideas can be fairly processed, and still “raw” or in their infancy.  What I enjoy about blogging is you enjoy the real-time struggle of ideas, or a person’s reflection on them. After being away for a while, I thought it was time to jump back in.

Why Blog?
I love books, classes and workshops (oh my). However, the ideas are often much more polished and removed. This is a good thing. Polished presentations are not an enemy. What I find is great works later generate into workshops which then generate books and then generate into classrooms. They are far removed from the start of their “success” or venture, often by years. Who wouldn’t like to be a fly on the wall during early discussions of great works? Blogging allows some insight into this.

The Idea
I read a quote that many great ideas were lost because they were not written down. Or, perhaps failed and did not have the resources or discussion needed to make them great. The other side of great works is they just pursued something and it happened. Success is based on two things: God and community (1 Cor. 12, Eph. 4). The advantage now of social media is the expansion of leveraging community.  I am not saying I have great ideas, or even good ones for that matter. Many have heard the cliche the journey is more important then the destination. That’s the intent of this blog. It’s my journey for better or worse.

Why Not?
“Why Not Wednesdays’ deals with creativity and off the wall ideas. It’s the drawing board, or better said the napkin. The ideas may not work, barely work, or are just out there. They can be as little as a game idea, or as big as a new methodology. Living out what we believe should encourage us to take risks, fail often, and be pleasantly surprised when God crabs a hold of something and lets it work. That is another aspect of ‘Why Not Wednesday;’ If it aint broke, break it!

The bottom line:
I’m blogging to sharpen my ideas and writing ability. I will be discussing things I’m passionate about: learning, dreams, and living out what I believe. I thought it would be appropriate to start posting on Wednesday, as that is the day I’ll deal with the dreaming and creativity aspect of life and ministry.