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Manic Monday: Just Laugh

We’ve all had “the moment.” Some call it a blond moment, others incorrectly attribute it to being Polish. Some say its a result of supperting publik edukshun, and some, like me, attribute it to a lack of coffee. When these kinds of moments happen, and they seem more frequent during the holidays, here is my advice:

LAUGH: It could be you making the mistake.
LAUGH: You’ve done something like this before!
LAUGH: Because it’s the best medicine for both them and you!
LAUGH: As God may be telling you to lighten up, or that you just need a laugh.
LAUGH: Because you can’t make stuff like such events up.

Recently I had an interesting call from a pizza place. In sharing the hilarious event with friends, the reactions were varied. In pondering “the moment,” it stuck out to me that such events are a little joy in life that keeps us from taking things too seriously. In other words, the best is to enjoy it for what it is, as we’ve all been there

The Pizza Call…
Pizza: hey, we called about your cheese pizza. You wanted that with just sauce no cheese, right?
Me: Uh, no. I ordered 1 pepperoni and 1 cheese pizza.
P: So, you want the cheese?
M: A cheese pizza would seem to need that, yes. I’d like sauce and crust with that too.
P: Ok, 1 cheese pizza with cheese, sauce, and crust. We’re putting that in the oven and you’ll get it soon.
M: Thank you.


(especially on Monday)

Why Not Wednesday: Rearranging Deck Chairs

The cliche “that’s just rearranging deck chairs” has a negative connotation, but sometimes that is exactly what is needed. Slight changes are seemingly insignificant. Rearranging of things can open up a world of possibilities. One of the best things to help build creative muscle is to just move things around, take on a different perspective. It adds freshness, and keeps you from getting into a rut. It helps you become aware of things around you, and may help you at least find some lost pens.

Rearrange your deck chairs:
Move things around on your desk. Is the phone on your right really the best place?
Move your living-room furniture around
Take a different route home from work, and park differently.
Rearrange a friends desk… Enjoy your co-worker trying to figure out what’s different.
Set your desktop differently, if you’re a Mac user, move the dock to the side instead of the bottom.
Change how you normally arrange you library on iTunes.
Reverse your meal, eat dessert first, then the main course, then appetizer…Better yet, go out to eat and do this. When he brings you the bill for dessert, order a meal, then, when he brings the bill again, order and appetizer…

Bottom line:
Rearrange your “deck chairs.”