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My guide to becoming a recovering fundamentalist: The conclusion

“Be holy for I am holy” ~God “We can make God’s Word say what we want if we’re not careful” ~A Mentor I want to close this guide with the final two good things that come from fundamentalism. Granted these two areas have been… Continue Reading “My guide to becoming a recovering fundamentalist: The conclusion”

Name it & claim it!

The Sunday sermon talked about the cows of bashan from Amos 4. (Ok, you can insert corn fed, I mean lame jokes here: The sermon was moo-ving, A1 sermon, nothing like milk of the Word, etc.) I suppose there is just no way to… Continue Reading “Name it & claim it!”

Why not Wednesday: A not so perfect start

A professor of mine wrote a quote on the whiteboard that shattered all thinking in the room: “It something is truly worth doing, its worth doing poorly.” Yeah, but… Even now I bet you are thinking “yeah, but…” The classroom filled with those kinds… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday: A not so perfect start”

Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: Abraham

Person: Abraham Epic Fail: Took maters into his own hands God’s View: A man of faith If you’re the type that needs things figured out before pursuing something: STOP! God calls people to do things even when the person has no clue what to… Continue Reading “Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: Abraham”