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Clean water

There is a shift in our church culture towards social justice. This is a welcomed change as for too long social justice was divorced for the Gospel. It’s hard to say we love Jesus if we don’t love our neighbor both here and abroad. I also love it when people use their God-given abilities to make something happen. Here is an opportunity that came across desk recently that I’m praying over. To my ministry friends, what are your thoughts?

Water Sunday
Video – https://vimeo.com/47960626

Water Sunday is an initiative of Water Missions International, inspiring a movement within the Church to respond to the global water crisis. Together, we can be the solution. Water Sunday is the start.

Every day 1 in 8 people in the world lack their most basic need – safe water to drink. We’re tired of hearing about the problem, so we’re solving it. As the Church we’ve been specifically called to do something.

What would happen if the American Church came together and said ‘We want to end the global water crisis?’
Water Missions International is asking churches across the country to give one Sunday between January and April 2013 to transform lives through safe water. All the resources are available to make sure your church is fully equipped for a Sunday that is as transformational and hassle-free as possible. (You’re going to LOVE the resources – check them out here!) Our desire is that the members of your church would move from being ‘transactional givers’ to passionate people who have been transformed through engaging in the call to care for the thirsty (Isaiah 58).

By combining the efforts of many churches, we are able to make a HUGE impact around the world. In the months that follow Water Sunday, everyone will celebrate together, as photos and stories of transformation pour in from the projects funded through Water Sunday. Your church community will be able to see the faces of those impacted, and the JOY made possible through their efforts. 

Water Missions International’s goal is to see lives changed through the transformative power of safe water and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

By partnering through Water Sunday, your church will be part of the active body of Christ responding to urgent physical needs with safe water that will flow forever. In addition, your church will be part of providing the Living Water Jesus talks about in John 4:14 for those who thirst spiritually. Engage your church to join the Body and end the global water crisis.

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re not:  Tweet Your Pastor (or email them this post) Example Tweet: (@YOURPASTORSTWITTERHANDLE), let’s end the global water crisis. Sign up your church NOW.@watermissions#WaterSunday”

The vision is for more than 100 churches to participate in Water Sunday this year and provide access to safe water to more than 33,000 people.

Join Water Sunday. Be The Solution.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/watermissions

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/WaterMissions

25 years ago I imagined…

…Doing what I’m doing today. 25 years ago I knew I needed Jesus. That is the essential element to Christianity. Jesus did what we could not do, and He gave us what we did not deserve. That’s grace. That’s mercy.

When I accepted Jesus I knew I wanted to teach the Bible. Fitting that this coming Sunday I’ll be talking about the Gospel, what it is and what it isn’t. People struggle with the simplicity of the Gospel. That its free, that it’s by faith. To often we want to add hoops, dress codes, music limits, etc. That’s not Gospel. I’m enjoying the study of Galatians. It develops a picture of a mask vs grace, a prison vs freedom.

When we add rules, regulations, “standards” to the Gospel what we have is a masquerade, not freedom. Jesus came to set us free, not to put us into another prison. For 25 years I’ve had the joy of walking with Jesus. No regrets, definitely some bruises and tons of joy. This last year what stood out the most to me is the need to keep the Gospel first and the Gospel central.

So, I’m in my home office studying for my first sermon in Galatians. I imagined 25 years ago teaching the Bible and loving it. By God’s grace, that’s what I’m doing. It’s a God thing more than anything, but I’m grateful He let me imagine that 25 years ago. It makes today all that more special.

Psalm 100 ESV
1 Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth! 2 Serve the LORD with gladness! Come into his presence with singing! 3 Know that the LORD, he is God! It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. 4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! 5 For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.

Why not Wednesday? By Land Or By Sea

I found my road trip album! A couple of friends told me I would enjoy Indie Pop music. I doubted, echoing the over used ‘whatever.’ I heard some and it was ok. ‘Talk Talk Talk’ I figured. Then I got a glimpse of Lute’s & Liar’s “By Land Or By Sea.” I couldn’t put it down.

The Album is like a fresh cold class of sweet tea on a hot summers day. It’s been a long time since an album’s caught my ear’s attention. Each song stands on its own and together they make an enjoyable adventure in music. I rarely buy albums, usually just a song or two. This one I can’t get enough of. I listen to one song and then I’m onto the next.

The lyrics have hints of irony, word play, and wit. They’re part of what makes this a great road trip album. It feels as though the band is just enjoying themselves and happen to be recording. The sound as well carries a playfulness to it. Keeping a fresh variety with each song adds to the playfulness.

I don’t often get to enjoy music for the sake of enjoying music- there is often something driving it. Sitting back and just taking the work of the band as a work of art on its own delighted me. It is hard for me to describe, but as a genre of music I had some doubts. By Land Or By Sea leads me to believe Indie Pop has tons of merit. For sure the album stands on its own as good art.

The bottom line:
I admire the risk Lutes & Liars took in producing and recording By Land Or By Sea. I was wrong, Indie Pop is some sweet stuff. The album is catchy and worth the time listening ‘On The Road.’ I found my road trip album I was looking for this summer!