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Manic Monday: More thoughts on coffee

Coffee amazes me. In dealing with some health issues last week it often came up the benefits of drinking what I affectionately call liquid love. Caffeine or not coffee is good stuff!

No doubt the best time to drink coffee is on Monday or Saturday mornings… One for the much needed warm embrace, the other to enjoy golden sun rays, kids playing in their pajamas, and fresh cooked french toast while still wearing a bathrobe.

We often look to big or thrilling events, but is this best? The weight of life is carried by the little things. Coveting breeds in the desire or focus for big things. We miss the little moments than can often leave a larger impact.

On the ‘Monday’ of all Mondays, God comforted Elijah. God placed him on cliff with the comment that He would pass by. After all these huge cataclysmic events, God was not there. And then a gentle breeze, a whisper, and God was there. A small thing.

Thank God for the little things like coffee!

(especially on Monday)