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Why not Wednesday? Buy a Mac

I was a Mac addict for as long as I can remember. When I attended college they would not support the simple, elegant and (far superior) platform, so for a time I used a PC. I wanted a Mac. Here are some ministry lessons… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Buy a Mac”

Why not Wednesday? Cursive vs Typing

“This report is not acceptable,” said the teacher. My heart sank quickly. Not acceptable?! My little heart started to pound. I was frustrated. I took the time to jump through all the hoops: brainstorm, rough draft (mine were epic in rough) and final copy.… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Cursive vs Typing”

Book Review: Switch by Chip & Dan Heath

Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, writers of Made To Stick, deal with “how to change things when change is hard.” The book shares encouraging stories and a helpful process for change. Humanity not process Switch develops a process around the most obvious… Continue Reading “Book Review: Switch by Chip & Dan Heath”

Manic Monday: Wasted

One of the most wasted resources in the church is the Sunday Morning Sermon. (Did I just hear a class break?) While some of my friends might be gasping for breath, hear me out: A good pastor wrestles with what to preach He must… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: Wasted”

Why not Wednesday? Failed ideas…

Ideas can fail for a few reasons: Bad idea Bad timing Bad placing Take a look at failed ideas and think through if they will work again? People’s initial reaction to anything new is often NO! Very few people just grab on to any… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Failed ideas…”

Simple. Community. Authentic. Fad or rediscovery?

I think we over-programmed ourselves. People often do not know how to ‘just be.’ We fight it. Busyness is the vaccine against relational intimacy. We are very busy people, creating very shallow relationships. I wonder if the Simple. Community. Authentic. trend is a discovery… Continue Reading “Simple. Community. Authentic. Fad or rediscovery?”

Why Not Wednesday? A Collaboration Model for Ministry?

Here is the Why Not? question: What would happen to church effectiveness if we moved to a collaboration model verses an institutional model for content and resourcing content? To better understand institution vs collaboration I highly recommend watching these TED Talks on the subject.… Continue Reading “Why Not Wednesday? A Collaboration Model for Ministry?”

Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: John Mark

Person: John Mark Epic Fail: Desertion God’s View: A useful man Ever been unfaithful, quit or walked out and think God can no longer use you? STOP! God uses quitters. Being unfaithful creates significant consequences and fallout. The issue is not the sin, but… Continue Reading “Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: John Mark”

Why not Wednesday: A not so perfect start

A professor of mine wrote a quote on the whiteboard that shattered all thinking in the room: “It something is truly worth doing, its worth doing poorly.” Yeah, but… Even now I bet you are thinking “yeah, but…” The classroom filled with those kinds… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday: A not so perfect start”

Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: You and I

Person: You and I Epic Fail: Pick any sin God’s View: Holy If you think God cannot use you because you’re not perfect: STOP! God uses imperfect people. Heroes of the Bible are viewed as heroes because of God’s grace and a heart of… Continue Reading “Not Perfect is a Holy Thing: You and I”