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Have we lost commonsense & responsibililty?

I am an Apple fanboy. This is not about defending Apple.I am merely raising a question. I remember years ago laughing out loud when hearing the joke “Someone sued McDonald’s because the coffee was hot.” I stopped laughing when I heard it was no… Continue Reading “Have we lost commonsense & responsibililty?”

Steve Jobs style of preaching…

Yeah, I’m a mac fanboy. This presentation about Steve Job’s speaking style has a lot of carryover to a teaching or preaching setting. I especially like the tips on how to use Keynote. (That’s a program similar Powerpoint).

Three lessons from Apple…

“Everyone in silicon valley was trying to be someone else…” ~Welcome to Macintosh It is no secret that I’m a Mac. I watched Welcome to Macintosh, written and directed by filmmakers Robert Baca and Josh Rizzo, while my wife baked incredible delights. Expecting to… Continue Reading “Three lessons from Apple…”