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We the people. We the problem.

If you want rock star status. If you want accolades. In Christianity you only need to throw “religion” under the bus, or its close cousin fundamentalism. (Ironically, I’ll be posting about fundamentalism this week.) We love to bash religion. Sometimes we couch this as… Continue Reading “We the people. We the problem.”

How long would you wait?

14 years is a long time. I can’t imagine being told I was to do something and then have to wait 14 years to make it happen. Paul waited 14 years or more before he engaged in aggressive evangelism. I define aggressive evangelism as church… Continue Reading “How long would you wait?”

Crazy’s-grace-and-free-donuts/ This story drives me nuts. I’m impressed by the graciousness Mark is demonstrating.

A quote on a dynamic church…

A friend sent this quote by Chuck Colson to me. It got me thinking and its something we should ponder: “I miss traveling abroad.  I always returned home from visiting out partners in Third World nations invigorated, revived, and encouraged.  I would often find… Continue Reading “A quote on a dynamic church…”

One another…

In eternity past God started time when He spoke the world into existence. As His crowning achievement He created mankind-in community- male and female He created them; in His image He created them. Mankind fell into sin and so the epic struggle against depravity… Continue Reading “One another…”

Why not Wednesday? Expanding the mission in hard times…

For success to happen God needs to show up. But the vessels that carry God’s presence is people. In challenging times we can focus on what we lack, or we can embrace constraints by being creative. In being creative you need to get back… Continue Reading “Why not Wednesday? Expanding the mission in hard times…”

Celebrating our story…

I love this video that Coram Deo Church put together for Easter. It briefly tells the story of who Christ is and what Church is about… Easter is the Superbowl of history… We should celebrate it, share it, and keep it fresh in our… Continue Reading “Celebrating our story…”

Why I stayed in church

I’ve constantly dealt with the question of why 20’s and early 30’s were leaving the church. I never asked why I didn’t leave. Here is a first attempt at answering the question. It revolves around one key thing: God. “For I am confident of… Continue Reading “Why I stayed in church”

Runaway Bride…

Marriage paints a vivid picture of Christ’s love for the church. Paul’s uses the marriage relationship to teach about the church at the end of Ephesians 5. Too often this passage is addressed to marriage. While Paul agrees and consents to this, it is… Continue Reading “Runaway Bride…”


Avoid…. Doom & gloom… The tendency when dealing with the church division is to get all critical or guilty. The Bible makes it quite clear that one day the church will be perfected and we’ll be ok. Rather than see a mess, let’s get… Continue Reading “Divided”