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Manic Monday: Coffee Woes…

Switching between coffee blends can be a traumatic experience. Recently Kelly and I enjoyed Starbucks 40th Anniversary blend. Great stuff! This week we had to switch to a normal non Starbucks blend we drink. It tastes weaker and not as robust as the previous… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: Coffee Woes…”

Manic Monday: More thoughts on coffee

Coffee amazes me. In dealing with some health issues last week it often came up the benefits of drinking what I affectionately call liquid love. Caffeine or not coffee is good stuff! No doubt the best time to drink coffee is on Monday or… Continue Reading “Manic Monday: More thoughts on coffee”

Manic Monday: Coffee thoughts

Today is for sure an all day coffee day… Here are some thoughts about the wonder of the coffee shop…

Manic Mondays: On Coffee!

Coffee cOffee coFfee cofFee coffEe coffeE Coffee, Oj, French toast, Fruit, Eggs & Excedrin migraine (especially on Mondays)