On the SCOTUS leak

The irony of the DNC fighting for moms to be able to kill their babies before Mothers’ Day is appalling.

  • The majority of our country strongly agrees for certain exceptions, such as the life of the mother. Such exceptions make up the minority of abortions in the single percent or less range. There’s actually more agreement on this topic than there is disagreement when you move beyond pro life verse pro-choice positions.
  • Our country has one of the most barbaric positions on this issue. Nearly the rest of the world caps abortions at 20 weeks. Our country is more in line with China and North Korea. Value of human life isn’t great there.
  • Abortion is the #1 killer of Americans with African ancestry. So much so, it’s greater than all other issues combined. The history of abortion is one of not valuing people as well.
  • The issue isn’t just the mother’s rights, but also the rights of the human she is carrying with his or her own hands, feet, toes, heart, brain, eyes, soul. Scientifically life starts at conception.
  • If our supreme god is convenience then human life has no value. Life is not convenient. This issue of convenience is part of why kids are troubled today. We simply do not value them. Worse, many in the environmentalism cult view kids as a problem.
  • Historically women fought for the lives of kids and viewed them as blessings not burdens. In the feminism of today, it seems such took on the negative aspects of masculinity rather than the positives in it’s already won battle for equality.

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