Living by faith and let’s go Brandon

My last article dealing with the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” had interesting responses. There are some who loathed the article because of what the phrase specifically refers too. Others said they felt heard by a pastor for the first time. We should not discount pushback by spiritual people. I decided to interview a man familiar with territory we are in, Habakkuk. He wrote his book while struggling with his nation’s sin and the sin of a coming invader.

Ty: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions, Habakkuk. You lived in a time where your nation was not living justly. How did you process that?

Habakkuk: Thanks for looking at my work. You have said often, and I am model of what you said: We need to be real with God. So, my book actually shows me dealing with God. I was blessed that He did answer me.

Ty: I am impressed how you dealt with your nation’s sins, but still understand the specialness of your nation. It must have pained you to wrestle with God, knowing your nation was going in the wrong direction.

Habakkuk: Very difficult. But my hope is God and His plan when all the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of God’s glory.

Ty: You likely don’t follow the news. Let’s Go Brandon is being debated…

Habakkuk: *laughing* Keep going, but I find this hilarious.

Ty: I thought you might! Some pastors are decrying the phrase. Others, like myself, think there is something bigger going on. What is your advice?

Habakkuk: See! This is why I am laughing! It’s funny because God said a time will come when people will mock the ruling empire. God said it would happen. It will happen.

Ty: And this isn’t the first.

Habakkuk: No, it isn’t. Ironically Rome was called Babylon by the early church. John used such words in Revelation. Declaring Jesus is Lord was no small thing either. But point is, God said these exalted empires would be mocked. So, Let’s Go Brandon I find funny & a fulfillment of prophecy.

Ty: How is Let’s Go Brandon a fulfillment of your prophecy? You’re going to get me in more trouble!

Habakkuk: You no doubt read my book a few times. But what did I say? First, it’s God’s prophecy, not mine. Second, God said the just shall live by faith. After he said that he said there would be mocking.

Ty: But aren’t we supposed to pray for political leaders?

Habakkuk: Yes, but we call out injustice too! God says there will be mocking, but look as to why! Seriously, when leaders are corrupt, enriching themselves, focused on their own security? Their own houses will cry out against them! They will pursue vainly until they realize who is truly Lord.

Ty: Habakkuk, thank you for your time and wisdom. Anything you would add?

Habakkuk: Yes, let’s go Brandon!… But on a serious note, while there will be mocking, better to focus on this: rejoice in the Lord and let Him be your strength.

Ty: So true. And I appreciate what you said, that we should quietly wait for the day of trouble on those invade us.

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