Fountain Pen Friday: Cheat sheets…

Embarking on my 5th year of Bullet Journaling I chose to make my layouts more fun. My artistic ability, not to mention my hand writing is not fit to share on Instagram or Pinterest. Thus, I obtained what I affectionately call cheat sheets. Others would call them stencils.

While making certain things look cooler takes more time, it helps engage senses as well. As much as I love Bullet Journaling, I miss some of the little flares of regular set ups. Quotes, defined boxes, etc. Page layout things fascinate me. To hand draw stuff out, a possibly doable adventure, could add some time. Utilizing cheat sheets cut the time down considerably.

The result of adding flare to various page layouts gives more enjoyment with my Bullet Journal. While it is still work and life, it adds a bit of play as well. In looking through old notes on life management, looking for ways to add fun to what you do helps build momentum and effectiveness.

(Ok, it is also an excuse to have different color inks to make the journal more fun as well. 
Yeah fountain pens!)

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