Manic Monday: Don’t gossip…

10 years ago at lunchtime and I am getting yelled at. Weird.

“You can’t get engaged yet!”

Apparently I made some mistake. I was then told that the said date of engagement was to be on Sunday and not the gloomy, raining, dismal Tuesday night (yesterday at the time.) The tale of how my engagement should be unfolded before me. As the lady proceeded with her diatribe on a blown engagement, I noticed something particular.

“Do I know you?” I asked politely.

I heard many like stories, many from people I made no mention of my engagement plans to. Amazing how surprised people were. Knowing the realities my college, I shared with a  select few people what I thought I’d like to do to pop the question. This 1 year dating anniversary engagement asking on a steam train gig apparently had a positive response to polling. I particularly liked how everyone couldn’t wait for Kelly to be surprised…When EVERYONE talks about SOMEONE being surprised, a surprise is unlikely. I knew that.

No, I didn’t spread a false rumor. I just shared what I would like to do. But what I like, and what will amaze her are two different questions. I chose to go with what she wanted. Here is why: God provided the perfect setting.

Bottom line: Don’t gossip.

(especially on Monday)

PS I asked Kelly to marry me on a rainy Tuesday night. She loves walking in the rain. I gave her a gift. A doll in a wedding dress holding a ring box. I handed it to her on a covered bridge, with the sounds of rain drops on the roof and rushing water underneath. The path was lit be classic looking street lamps. It was perfect.

Engagement Tip: Ladies, when your man asks to marry you, it’s probably best to answer first and then squeeze all the oxygen out of him.

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