Yes we can, no we shouldn’t

Science can tell you about nuclear energy. It can even build you a nuclear bomb. Science cannot tell you whether or not to use the bomb. I can dance. But I shouldn’t. My dancing would be considered an act of terror. Even my 3-year-old asks me to stop.

Can and should are two different questions… Why mention this?

Yes we can!
In America we have the freedom of speech. We can voice our concerns in open. We can make public demonstrations about what we value and hold dear and sacred. We can print and say what we like with little repercussions. We can burn books, protest funerals, put up cheesy phrases on signs, went it comes to speech, we can.

Because we can does not mean we should.
Take Jesus as an example of can & should. Jesus could have come in glory, demanded worship, destroyed Rome, destroyed every sinner by fire, smacked down Satan in the wilderness, but He didn’t.

Often times silent service speaks volumes louder than demonstrations. Often times the thing noticed is not exercising our rights. The concept is known as meekness. The concept is also known as humility. Both demonstrated by Jesus.

Perhaps the values of many Christians go ignored because we live in a time where only silence can be heard. Silence does not meant political inaction or non-involvement. Silence does not mean one is a coward or ashamed of the truth. Silence does not equal apathy. Silence can only mean these things if one does live, pursue and teach the truth in the first place.

The heart is the issue
I disagree with the notion that Jesus was about social action. He wasn’t. In fact, Jesus wasn’t about anything political. Jesus aimed for the heart. Without a change of heart, there can be no lasting change. Jesus knew clearly that to be heard with deafening clarity, one must show the silent resolve of a changed life.

Jesus championed truth and living out the truth. Jesus knew the only way to equal the scales of justice was by giving up would He could do for something far greater. The Bible calls this sacrifice, and for Jesus it meant the cross. Though equal with God in every way, Jesus chose to humbly submit. From a perfect life to a life of poverty, ridicule and false accusation, Jesus’ resurrection shook the foundations of history. Jesus did this to bring people back to truth. To redeem. A changed life will change society.

The Bottom line:
Can we speak and loudly proclaim? Yes. Should we? No. The silent servant is often heard louder than the person shouting on the corner. For in silent service the question builds further and further to the point of needing to be asked: Why? And when asked, the truth can be heard. Aim for the heart and you will win in the long run. Silent resolve is powerful.

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