Manic Monday: I don’t get labor day…

I don’t get labor day. Why do we take it off? Here is why I don’t get it!

Helloween: We celebrate this dark holiday by being dark.

Veterans’ Day: We honor those who served during our country’s darkest hours.

Thanks Giving: We celebrate this holiday by a feast as it was started from the abundance of God’s provision and labors of the pilgrims. “Eat, drink and enjoy the fruit of you labor, for this too is a gift from God.”

Christmas: We give gifts as the advent is an incredible gift of God to man.

New Years: We celebrate a new year and set goals, remembering the important things in life. Celebrating newness makes sense.

Presidents Day: We celebrate by taking a day off and shopping sales, all in the name of stimulating the economy, a very presidential thing to do for the last century.

“Easter”: Resurrection Sunday we celebrate the good news of Jesus rising from the dead. The food, celebrations make sense.

Memorial day: We celebrate the sacrifice the victories our country was fortunate to have and the freedoms resulting from those success.

4th of July: We celebrate the country’s birthday, again this makes sense. And, in the rocket’s red glare. we still pretty the sky and make loud booming noises.

Labor Day: We celebrate work by, well, not working. This holiday would make way more sense if it meant a day of celebration, laughter and karaoke with those you actually labor with. Taking the day off seems, well, not fitting of the holiday.

The bottom line:
My philosophy of adult life is simply this: If something makes sense, it can’t be right. Labor Day illustrates this point. Have a great day and celebrate work!

(especially on Mondays)

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